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Products & Services

  • Products

    Automotive Oils & Greases
    • Outstanding wear protection • Excellent high- and low-temperature performance • Potential fuel economy benefits (specific grades/viscosities)
    Commercial Oil and Grease
    Drivers across the globe rely on Mobil Delvac engine oils. For over 80 years the Mobil Delvac brand has been a recognized leader in heavy-duty specialized lubricants for commercial and utility vehicles.
    Industrial Oil & Grease
    We are a supplier of leading-edge lubricants with in-depth industry expertise, programs, and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity.
    Hydraulic Oils
    High-performance fully synthetic environmentally aware hydraulic and circulating oils designed to provide excellent wide temperature range performance
    Turbine Oils
    We offer the latest-generation synthetic turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, and aviation greases for commercial aviation customers.
    Cutting Oils
    Chlorine-free straight cutting and grinding oils. Unique synthetic anti-weld components replace the chlorine and reduce the amount of sulfur and fat typically needed for difficult cutting operations.
    Food Grade
    Providing outstanding protection and long service life to industrial equipment in the food and beverage industry is our goal.
    Machining and Metal Working Oils
    C&R offers a full line of chlorine-free metal working fluids that protect critical machine parts and extend the life of valuable equipment.
    Green Oils
    Used oil does not go bad, it simply gets dirty. Through a state-of-the-art process, water, fuel and impurities are removed from used oil, restoring its original qualities and performance characteristics.
    Gear Oils
    Formulated for a wide range of operating temperatures. Choose these lubricants for excellent protection from wear, rust and corrosion in your vessel’s gears and bearings.
    Barrier Fluids
    Drip Oils
  • Services

    Same day or next day delivery
    Applicable on our vast inventory of packaged and bulk products. Contact us today to see how we can serve you better!
    Planned delivery services
    Our unique planning and scheduling of your deliveries has many advantages such as time saving and worry free benefits, but most of all - cost efficiency.
    On Site Fueling
    Our on-site fueling brings you greater productivity and improved efficiency. Contact us today to find out more.
    Oil Analysis
    Manufacturing professionals know that used oil analysis can help them achieve peak performance by providing advance warning of abnormal conditions that could contribute to equipment and oil degradation.
    Used Oil Disposal
    High Velocity Flush
    • Revenue improvement through reduction of unscheduled downtimen• Reduction in parts replacement and lubricant expenses• Lower maintenance labor costs
    Planned Engineering Services
    Our experienced engineers can work with you to understand your fleet’s particular lubricant needs and recommend a program to meet your specific goals and objectives.
    Water Soluble Lubricant