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Employees are very nice!

Nichole J.


I had an extremely positive experience refueling with C & R Distributing this morning. The 45kw generator that powers my residence was out of fuel, so Raul dispatched Martin Cereceres to refuel the generator. Martin has a great attitude and sense of humor, so we really hit it off with much laughter. He discussed different types of diesel fuel with me and had Raul call me back to talk with me about it as well. I was very impressed by their spirit of service and assured Martin that C & R Distributing would receive a 5-Star Google Review about my experience. Keith Kirkland must be a great man to work for, because Martin said his team includes Andy Santos and Adrian Amaya as well, helping C & R to provide exceptional service for their fuel customers, so if you need your diesel generators refueled, C & R Distributing is THE place to call. Thank you Martin, Raul, Adrian, Andy, and a special thanks to their boss, Keith, for assembling, training and mentoring such a great team of dedicated professionals.